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Affordable Hotels in Bangalore India

The capital of the Southern state of Karnataka, Bengaluru, is situated halfway between the coasts in southern India. Bangalore is situated in southwestern India in the state of Karnataka on the Deccan Plateau at approximately 3000 feet above sea level. Bengaluru's relatively high altitude allows the city to experience a milder climate than many large cities situated on the coasts or at lower elevations. The city is located at the ridge top of the main water parting the Arkavathi and the South Pinakini Rivers.

As a settlement, Bengaluru has existed for close to five hundred years. The earliest settlement was probably a hamlet of no particular commercial or demographic importance. The hamlet most likely drew agricultural surpluses from the surrounding countryside, and was dominated by rural nobles. In more recent times, the British encouraged trading in Bangalore, but discouraged manufacturing. From 1831 to 1881 the city was under the complete control of the British, and the first railway line from Bengaluru to Jolarpet was commissioned in 1859.

Therefore attracting many international visitors to Bengaluru for its excellent schools and universities & Hospitals. Universities such as the Indian Institute of Science, Hospitals such as Narayana Hridalaya and Satya Sai are known all over the world for the facilities provided. While enjoying the weather, tourists can also use Tom’s Hotel as a central base for day trips to other attractions around Bengaluru. Today it is Asia's fastest growing international city. It is home to most of the high tech industries such as Hindustan Aeronautical Limited, Barath Electricals Limited & Barath Heavy electrical Limited in India. Bengaluru does not only have manufacturing industries but also produces silks, handloom and handicrafts. The city also boasts of its vast IT industries and was known as the silicon valley of India, companies such as Wipro, Infosys have home grown from here.

Bengaluru has a huge inclination towards organic living. With organic hang out joints like The Yoga House and Carrot’s Healthy Kitchen, and organic shopping options ranging from clothes to food and cosmetics, Bangalore knows its way to healthy living.

The richly painted city walls. This probably would be the first thing you’ll notice as you walk around on the streets of Bangalore. The beautiful wall paintings give a small insight on the rich heritage and culture of Bangalore along with providing employment to various artists.

We are proud to say that our “Toms Hotel Bangalore” is situated in this "Garden City Bangalore". Toms Hotel is one of the Top Ten Hotels in Bangalore. Our Toms Hotel provides a quality accommodation at a very reasonable price by hospitality service. Best Hotels Bangalore is an Affordable Hotels in Bangalore which has quite spacious and well furnished 20 Hotel rooms with modern amenities.

Budget Hotel Rooms Bangalore are specially designed. Honeymoon couples who are eagerly entering into their new life experience Happiness, full of fun & joy. Our Nice Hotels in Bangalore has good restaurant which serves an eclectic blend of traditional Mangalore and continental cuisines.

TOMS Hotel among Bangalore Top Hotels located at a 10-minute walkable distance from the popular Garuda Mall and very close to MG Road, Bangalore. Our front desk welcomes and assists the guests 24-hours. Free WiFi access is available throughout the property. TOMS Hotel is the Best Hotel in Bangalore for Stay long tenure of the tourist from all over the world and enjoy your vacation very comfortable. If you are looking for Cheap Hotel Rooms in Bangalore, Book Hotel today itself through our Online Hotel Booking.


By Air -- Bengaluru's airport (38km from Tom’s Hotel) is the busiest in South India, connected to most of the major cities in India (Chennai, Hyderabad, Goa and Kochi. India's top private carrier, fly direct to Bengaluru from London daily. While Jet Air fly via Brussels from New York, London and Toronto. Alternatively there are several international carriers that fly to Bengaluru via Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai. For domestic and international flight availability and reservations try, or To get to Tom’s Hotel from the airport, it's best to use a taxi; expect to pay about Rs 700 to Rs 900 from the prepaid counter. (Note: City traffic is a nightmare in this city, so consult your hotel for a realistic time frame in trying to reach the airport, depending on where you are and what time of day it is.)

By Train -- As a major transport hub, Bengaluru is reached by a significant number of rail connections. Journeys from North Indian cities, however, are extremely time-consuming; the fastest connection with Delhi takes 35 hours, while Mumbai is 24 hours away. From Chennai (capital of Tamil Nadu), take either the evening or the morning 5-hour Shatabdi Express or the overnight Bangalore Mail, which leaves late and gets in early. To get to Mysore from Bengaluru, catch the 2-hour Shatabdi Express (departs Wed-Mon at 11am) or else take an ordinary passenger train (which departs several times a day and takes only 1 hr. more than the Shatabdi) and enjoy the sights and sounds of local commuters, many of whom begin impromptu song competitions in order to pass time. For Hyderabad, catch the comfortable overnight Rajdhani Express (departs four times a week at 8:20pm). Since 2009, Mangalore has been connected by rail to Bengaluru (Mangalore Express), although so far, there is only an overnight option available. Bengaluru City and Bengaluru Cantonment are the two railway stations; the latter is a bit closer to the main downtown area.

By Road -- For the greatest amount of freedom, you should hire a car and driver, particularly if you plan to get off the beaten track. To get to Mysore there is a very comfortable and convenient option of air- conditioned KSRTC Volvo buses that run at hourly intervals from the Kempegowda Bus Stand (tel. 080/2287-3377).


By Auto-Rickshaw & Taxi --Insist that auto-rickshaw drivers use their meters. Generally, the first two kilometer will cost Rs 30; each kilometer after that costs Rs 10. After 9pm, drivers will make you pay "one and a half," or 50% above the recorded fare. You won't find taxis that you can just hail off the street, but metered "call taxis" are available almost all over the city; ask the hotel for a reputable number.

With Car & Driver -- A charge of Rs 700 is the going rate (at press time) for a 4-hour tour, which will include 40km (25 miles) of free mileage (Rs 11 for every extra kilometer). To hire a car and driver.

Note: Ticket Bengaluru by Roopa Pai (Stark World) and Love Bengaluru by Fiona Caulfield (Hardys Bay Publishing) are two such books, dealing respectively with everything that this city offers, from the best dosa joints to the ideal pub hop, coolest buys to trendiest hot spots. While Roopa offers something for everyone across the spectrum, Fiona is clearly speaking to big spenders.


NEAREST LANDMARK: Hosur Road, Richmond Town at the end of Brigade Road.

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW: Hotel Toms is one of the best value hotels in Bangalore. It offers 20 rooms in its 2 storied building. The rooms are spacious and well furnished and come with 24 hours room service. They are equipped with modern amenities. An in-house restaurant serves an eclectic blend of traditional Mangalorean and Continental cuisines. Voracious readers can enjoy reading good collection of books in the reading library. There are a plethora of other guest services, some of which are laundry and dry cleaning service, luggage storage, free and ample parking space, and a front desk to assist the guests with their queries all round-the- clock. The hotel is located in the Central Business District of Bangalore and is in close proximity to the local tourist attractions and shopping hubs as well. It is strategically located close to MG Road. WHY YOU SHOULD STAY HERE: Complimentary breakfast with both Indian and continental cuisines and free Wi-Fi service within the rooms.

Best and Cheap Hotels in Bangalore

“Toms Hotel Bangalore” is The Best Hotel in Bangalore provides real quality facilities at a very reasonable price for the tourist to Garden City Bangalore by his hospitality service of Budget Hotels for stay at Affordable Hotels. One of the Best Hotels Bangalore has 20 Hotel rooms which are quite spacious and are well furnished with modern amenities. Looking for Cheap Hotel Rooms in Bangalore? We are one among the Top Ten Hotels in Bangalore for stay long term. So Book Hotel today itself.

Our Nice Hotels in Bangalore also importantly serves as Honeymoon Hotels in Bangalore with Budget Hotel Rooms Bangalore for Honeymoon couples who are entering into their new life with Happy & full of joy.

The restaurant of our Best and Cheap Hotels in Bangalore serves an eclectic blend of traditional Mangalorean and continental cuisines.

Bangalore Top Hotels Located at a 10-minute walk able distance from the popular Garuda Mall and very close to MG Road, Bangalore, TOMS Best Hotels in Bangalore for Stay operates a 24-hour front desk to assist and welcome guests. Free WiFi access is available throughout the property.

Online Hotel Booking in Bangalore is very much easy for Hotel Bookings in Bangalore. Our User Friendly website will help you for Bangalore Hotel Booking Online so easily and you can feel comfortably enjoy your vacation.




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