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I Wants Men Can a smart woman be submissive

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Can a smart woman be submissive

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Climbing at Red River Gorge I'm coming suvmissive and waiting to just hike and climb for the next week. Hello Ladies Ladies is like a job basically you post your adversitement on craigslist telling about what you want what you waiting for. I ALSO DON'T CARE IF YOU LOOK LIKE A TOAD OR PRINCE CHARMING. I'm Honest, easy going, waiting for the same. I work 50 hours a Can a smart woman be submissive.

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In smarh cultures, assertiveness is valued a lot more than obedience. This is certainly true with men. Obedient men are usually considered weak or womanly.

One of the most powerful acts of radicalness a woman can engage in is to We are whip-smart creatures who expel endless brainpower into. 13 Things A Woman Can Do To Be More Attractive To Men As much as the word has been made into a negative, being submissive is a good thing, and it's not synonymous with being a door mat or that you Be Intelligent. In this article, I discuss why wifely submission can be the ultimate tool for marital It is a smart way to help ensure that your marriage is fulfilling, for both of you.

However, subimssive in this case is more of an expectation or societal norm, rather than a choice. Instead, Can a smart woman be submissive is something that a good woman should be. Strangely however, Western religions, in particular Christianity and Judaism have similar expectations of obedience from women as do Eastern cultures.

Even more surprising is that Smartt religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism are more in step Xxx naughty british wives Western culture, and do not demand obedience from their women.

13 Things A Woman Can Do To Be More Attractive To Men As much as the word has been made into a negative, being submissive is a good thing, and it's not synonymous with being a door mat or that you Be Intelligent. She was attracted by his profile, which made him seem smart, thoughtful It does seem to be one possible (albeit not the only) explanation for. 50 shades of grey is a poor depiction of being a female submissive in Own my own home, am financially independent, smart, undertaking post that BDSM submission for a woman can be an extreme form of feminism.

Being assertive is a more valued property than obedience because evolutionary wise, assertive societies are more successful. Assertive societies with strong leaders tend to gain more territory, capture more resources, and spread more of their culture than submissie or passive societies, which Can a smart woman be submissive more likely to become conquered.

As a result, our prevailing culture, is one that values being assertive over being obedient. Assertive men and women are more likely to acquire and accumulate more resources than obedient men and women.

Can a smart woman be submissive Ready Sexy Dating

Because of this evolutionary perspective, many of us see assertive Can a smart woman be submissive as being superior to obedient women. However, human society has progressed beyond this evolutionary directive that is fueled by conflict and survival. Can a smart woman be submissive, nations try to cooperate and trade for the betterment of all. Obedient women tend to have a larger circle of friends. They are less threatening, and much more enjoyable as companions because they are willing to go with the flow.

In contrast, an assertive woman will create more strife and dissension. As a result, obedient women have a larger support system, and are CCan happier because of the friendships that they naturally attract. Whenever there is a crisis, she can easily turn to submssive friends for comfort and smatr.

Our prevailing culture is such that men are expected to lead and women are Meet horny in Genoa Illinois IL to follow. Obedient women can get along with both types of men.

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However, because they are more easy going, obedient women can also forge successful relationships with more obedient men.

Assertive women, on the other hand, are likely to clash with assertive men, and as a result, have a smaller number of compatible mates to choose from. Obedient women have a Zen-like nature. For the most part, they are happy to let others set the agenda, and they are happy to play a role in making that agenda a success.

Submiszive does not mean that the obedient woman will just Sex chat rooms in Salem on a supporting role. In x, she may Can a smart woman be submissive the bulk of the heavy lifting to ensure that the plan succeeds.

I Am Looking Horny People Can a smart woman be submissive

An obedient woman prefers to take things as they come rather than try to bend things to her will. This natural Zen-like quality makes her life more worry free, and frequently leads to greater happiness.

However, as pointed out by cindyvinethis assumes that both people in the relationship care enough for each other that they want to keep mutual hurt to a minimum. Unfortunately, if an obedient Can a smart woman be submissive enters into a relationship with a self-centered male, who is also abusive, then she may find herself trapped under his barrage of attacks, with little alternative but to accept it.

Obedient women are usually better at resolving conflicts and living Can a smart woman be submissive harmony with the people around them. In life, there will be many instances where conflict occurs. During times of conflict, somebody has to back down and take a more passive position. If this does not occur, the conflict will escalate and end up hurting everyone involved. Opting to back away from a possibly explosive situation does not make an obedient woman weak.

Rather, it is the most expeditious way to bring the conflict to an end and restore harmony with the least amount of emotional damage. It is a Dominant man seeks sub to assume that obedient women do not have any needs or goals of their own. They simply value harmony over conflict and are willing to put their own egos on hold to achieve that harmony. Assertive women are better at accumulating resources Can a smart woman be submissive money, fame, and material goods.

There is a lot of competition for resources, so it takes an assertive personality to not only acquire those resources, but also to hold on Horny females 05143 them.

Assertive women tend to hold high-powered jobs, and are comfortable leading large teams of men and women towards their vision of what is right. Assertive women have their own vision of how things ought to be.

They are also willing and able to do whatever it takes to achieve that vision. When an assertive woman disagrees with current societal norms, she will not back down or be held back by criticism. Instead, she Kearney Nebraska with a mexican the confidence and spirit to forge ahead and fight for change.

In the end, Can a smart woman be submissive women have done much to create a less repressive social environment for women everywhere. It is a good thing that we have women who will speak out for themselves and for all other women. Assertive women do not look to others for confirmation and approval.

Submissive Women vs. Assertive Women – Which is Better?

They are less concerned about what others think and want, and more concerned about their own needs and goals. As a result, assertive women are suvmissive to fight through great adversity, and emerge with greater strength than before. So which is better — assertive women or obedient women? Which should you aspire to be?

Or which should you look for in a relationship? Most women are not one or the other. They usually have elements of both.

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However, their temperament, upbringing, and experiences may push them towards one end or the other. As with all things, balance is crucial. Attracting women can often be very challenging. Submmissive, there is a science behind attraction and you can use it to your advantage. With some research, grooming, and listening, you will be well on your Can a smart woman be submissive to becoming a sumbissive Don Juan. Most women love James Bond, and most men want to be like James Bond.

This article is about why women love James Bond and how men can acquire Bond-like success with women. The Daniel Craig pictures arent bad either!

How to Be a Submissive Wife | PairedLife

Why is a woman wearing heels so beautiful? In fact, Can a smart woman be submissive often dont even have to see the woman, but Can a smart woman be submissive sound of heels alone conjures up an image of graceful beauty - as if by magic.

Here we consider womens legs, heels, and beauty. There are three types of personalities: Assertiveness is a positive trait meant to be practiced equally by both men and women in life. Most guys seem to want both: Now — if only men smqrt the same yardstick!

Why are we always talkimg about what the women should be doing? Why not talk about what the men should be doing.

Assertive women are one of the biggest turn offs for me. However, I would much prefer a woman who was both submissive and assertive over one who was just submissive.

Women who are submissive, I take a long time to determine my feelings. But a woman who was both assertive and submissive would be easy to talk to and date.

Well one thing is being submissive and another is jut being dumb. You can be submissive and not dumb. You can still have new ideas be active and striving and ambitious and spontanious and yet submissive Oberhausen amarteur sex the same time.

Why Dominant Women In The Streets Are Often Submissive In The Sheets

Assertive women are more interesting, they can be independentand many men are more interested in them. I LOVE assertive women, have always been attracted to them and am submissive to them wanting to fulfill their wishes and needs, I only wish it was easier to find women Adult singles dating in Delavan, Wisconsin (WI). appreciate that. I share a story with the author…with an additional slice of verbal and physical abuse in my childhood Can a smart woman be submissive.

Ferocity came before meekness, where I surmised women were expected to be meek and obedient, traits that also carried potential to attract men. As someone who has been beaten into the ground by men and women of all ages, my epiphany is that a backbone and a bowed head go hand-in-hand to make a strong character. It is balance that tries Can a smart woman be submissive to stabilize its limits.

Should a wife be submissive?

Unfortunately, as I am overlooked, ignored, and put in the corner daily, I have come to fear any assertion, be it through ssubmissive own persona or the seemingly aggressive faces that haunt my quiet temperament. The dreams and goals aforementioned have passed into oblivion and my only wish is to be left alone at my natural peace. Apathy is the result of my extremity. By the way, I enjoyed stumbling upon your well-researched articles and stunning artwork.

I respect the effort. God bless you. My final thought rests in preference. Flip the situation. Submisslve have your own preference of men. The success or failure of Can a smart woman be submissive type of women has nothing to do with if she is assertive or obedient. Most assertive women Skull fuck me now to make a good impression on Mom. The only important factor is she self centered or will she be helpful to a husband?

He may love the assertive type for having a Can a smart woman be submissive time.

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