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I Searching Vip Sex Im bi curious looking for the same

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Im bi curious looking for the same

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City: Overland Park, KS
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Please leave empty: No way! OMG, yes!

I'm scared of what fof might say And I loved it! I'm not gay! Lol - no thank you! I guess I'd be totally cool with that.

Im bi curious looking for the same Searching For A Man

I only like the opposite sex. Um, I prefer the same sex. It could happen It happens time to time. Yes, totally. Not really. Most of the time, yeah.

Not ever! No, everyone knows I'm fully straight. Hardly ever.

Here's How To Tell If You're Actually Bisexual

Once or twice. They know I like the same sex! No, and I hope they won't ever do that. I'm proud of the looing I am!

Why would I care? I'm straight. It scares me to think what they might say.

Whatever - I don't really care what they think. God hates gays! No way - we're all equal no matter what.

Im bi curious looking for the same I Am Searching Adult Dating

It's kinda weird to me, but I don't hate gays. Eh, I don't care. Eww, no! That's gross! Already did!: Tthe seems like it would be fun. I'd like to try it. Yes, all the time. No, that's just wrong!

Only if they got them good goodies! It was awesome! It was terrible!

It was whatever. It was all right. Comments Change color. Hi Steff So it says im in the middle of bi curious and actually bi. Hello Chimmy According to this I am b i. Now I'm even more confused! Helllo Enter here your text you want to format. You're Im bi curious looking for the same the middle between being bi-curious and actually bi. Do what you feel is best for you - what you're the most comfortable with.

Don't be afraid of following your heart! Not being straight is becoming less and less of a big deal in the mainstream.

Go for what you feel is right! I'll never knoooowwwwwwww.

Am I Bisexual, Or Just Bi-Curious?

Confused Mamasita Ok so I'm definitely attracted to guys but I've had some crushes on girls and I constantly check them out. My friends think that I'm most likely to be with a woman at least once.

I low-key like this girl and I found out she's bi and I kinda want to make a move but I'm scared of rejection and what people might think if they found out. I just want to understand my sexuality and know if I'm attracted to women.

Im bi curious looking for the same

Sometimes I get paranoid and think people think I'm gay and it's a little weird for me but I don't think I'd ever have an actual relationship with a girl maybe I'd fool around a lookihg and that's it. Sexual Potato In the middle.

In the middle I have figured out that, looling, I am bi. But i don't know how to come out. I'm in the middle. That's good I think. Fml Bouncy I'm BI yesss I thought I was for a while now.

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Im in the middle, this is fine actually: Piano Keys Delete this comment Cancel.