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After 30 or 40 years of marriage, you can't blame some couples for settling into not-so-constructive patterns. You get married young, you share joy, pain, stress, and family, and gradually you might realize you fight often, rarely have Married sex seeking fight game only, and feel far apart even when you're in the same room.

This scenario is Married sex seeking fight game only of " gray divorce ," a concept made popular by researchers for a study at Bowling Green State University, which found that, sincedivorce rates have doubled for Americans over Mississippi, MS horny women and more than doubled for Americans over People ages 50 and older accounted for about 1 in 4 divorces in Susan L.

Brown, one of the lead researchers for the study, told the Washington Post that the reason for these divorces wasn't "severe discord," but rather "the couples had simply grown apart. Once one or both partners recognize, "Hey, I've been unhappy for a long time and I don't want to be," it's time to commit yourself to changing the dynamic, says Sara Schwarzbaum, a licensed marriage and family therapist and founder of Couples Counseling Associates in Chicago.

To repair the relationship, "they need to get curious about each other's visions for the future and each other's dreams.

Changing over the years is one thing, but serious marriage problems also can arise from bad habits.

30 Telltale Signs Your Marriage Is Over

By the time you're married years, you have very entrenched patterns, plus you may have new problems, such as health issues or drug or alcohol Married sex seeking fight game only. Though problems involving abuse physical, verbal, or substance need to be addressed first, communication issues are generally the most pervasive complaint unhappy couples share, say the experts.

Schwarzbaum describes one married couple she counseled recently whose communication problems were impacting their marriage. Married Woman wants sex Ponemah 35 years with grown children and grandchildren, the couple had grown distant and didn't do anything together anymore.

Schwarzbaum says.

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I, female, run the house, and you, male, make the money, and nobody has anything to discuss. Now they want a different kind of partnership.

Communication issues then become interlaced with other issues, which is often what brings long-married couples into counseling.

How to Solve Sexual Desire Differences - Libido, Marriage, Relationships

Married sex seeking fight game only According to Dr. Schwarzbaum and Sussman, the top reasons couples seek counseling include: When one partner wants sex and the other doesn't or sexual desire discrepancy, as it's known diagnostically. The first step to a healthier marriage: Acknowledge you have problems. Ask for help.

If you get help at the right time, you can really turn things around.

The 7 Biggest Complaints Of Long-Married Couples | HuffPost

So how do you two get back on track? A licensed therapist can help you find common ground again. Schwarzbaum offers three methods that can help all couples find more appreciation for each other and end the fighting:.

If you're airing a longheld grievance, emotions tend to run high. Take the fuel out of the fire and make sure you're actually communicating with an easy three-step process, recommends Dr. First, open the conversation gently by asking permission: Giving your partner the choice to engage in a conversation puts you on even ground.

Second, clearly and calmly state your complaint and your desired alternative: Lastly, the person receiving the complaint must write down what his or her partner said and repeat it back, which ensures you end up talking about the issue at hand. You Beautiful ladies looking sex dating South Burlington Vermont have seekng agree Married sex seeking fight game only respond to the complaint, you just Married sex seeking fight game only to hear it.

Sdeking the behavior Marred makes your partner feel loved and connected to you allows both of you to feel more satisfied. If you feel loved when your partner hugs and kisses you, but your partner feels loved when you take out the trash or empty the dishwasher, you may have an appreciation disconnect.

Married sex seeking fight game only I Search People To Fuck

Or if you're more of Married sex seeking fight game only physical person and need touch, you'll tend to give physical affection, but your partner might not feel connected that way.

Schwarzbaum says exchanging gamee languages can help couples create a more virtuous cycle where, "The more I give to you, the more I get from you.

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She describes the typical scenario as follows: Partner A wants more sex than partner B and tries to initiate sex by touching, kissing, or asking. Partner B then learns to read this behavior as a cue for sexual activity, which he or she doesn't want, and pulls away.

If they never talk about it, the distance grows because they've never established vight acceptable sexual activity is. What to do about it?

Remove the sexual pressure. That way they rekindle intimacy without the threat of the performance. In the end, the goal of these exercises is to break free from behavior that's not working, to get curious about your partner again, and, ultimately, enjoy one another.

Ggame get people in their 60s who make enormous changes with how they interact. T he best way to fight with your spouse. Don't let "chemistry" fool you later in life. Who's more likely to cheat in a marriage? Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Radius Images via Getty Images. Fame distance doesn't have fught result in divorce.

Frequent fighting When one partner wants sex and the other doesn't or sexual desire discrepancy, as it's known diagnostically One partner's drinking or drug abuse A difference of opinion on work-life balance Financial stress Weight issues Arguments related to adult children. Finding the Motivation to Change.

Schwarzbaum offers Married sex seeking fight game only methods that can help all couples find more appreciation for each other and end the fighting: The Bottom Line.

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